Kesha Checks into Rehab Facility – Facing Eating Disorder

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Singer and pop sensation, Kesha has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation facility near Chicago, on January 3. According to reports, the young star is apparently experiencing heightened eating disorder and has sought effective intervention for its treatment.

According to innumerable unconfirmed sources, the singer would spend a month long rehabilitation program at Timberline Knolls.

Kesha Checks into Rehab Facility - Facing Eating DisorderThe reputed 26-year old issued a written statement and described her condition. She mentioned herself as a crusader who found it very hard to practice loving one’s self. The singer tasted immense reputation through her chartbuster track, ‘Dirty Dancing’.

The singer also added that she would be unavailable at stage shows and undergo treatment for her eating disorder for at least a month. Sources also say that the rehabilitation center has also helped Demi Lovato overcome certain problem recently.

The pop singer was shuttering for small frame without leaving any evidence. However, her trainer, Kit Rich confirmed that Kesha was on appropriate circuit training. She was incorporating vital Pilates exercises along with weights. The trainer also informed that Kesha followed regular fitness regime to shape her butt.

According to the trainer, the pop sensation takes fruit juice and fresh vegetables as her compulsory diet. She even takes care to eat heavy protein and is fond of salmon and other steamed veggies.

Kesha Rose Sebert received acclamation by several stunning chartbuster like ‘Die Young’, ‘Crazy Love’ and even a track ‘Timber’ along with Pitbull. The famous star also appeared in the reality series at MTV, ‘My Crazy Beautiful Life’.

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Few Reasons That Compels to Watch ‘Emma Approved’

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YouTube is now airing their latest web series, Emma Approved. Pemberley Digital is producing and creating the series. The series is an innovative approach to a modern version of a novel by Jane Austen, under the same name.

Few Reasons That Compels to Watch ‘Emma Approved’Joanna Sotomura plays the character of Emma Woodhouse while Brent Bailey plays Alex Knightley. The chemistry between the two is certainly a perfect stage that makes the series enlightened and entertaining.

The production house behind latest YouTube series is able to characterize Emma in a perfect pitch. Emma manages to be on both sides of a thin division between adorable and insufferable aplomb. The character has profound tempered self-centeredness that also shows signs of genuine regard in relation to Harriet Smith, the assistant. However, viewers are bound to forgive her over-confidence after realizing her caring attitude towards everything.

The production house is also assuring that the flick series is certainly different with a diversified Emma Woodhouse, who runs a lifestyle/matchmaking business along with Alex Knightley, her partner.

Among other characters in the series appearing over YouTube, Harriet is playing the role of Emma’s protégé or naïve assistant; Elton plays the role of a politician, who is slowly rising up the ladder in his political career and Mr. Martin, who is a Low IT geek. Other players of the series are yet to unravel themselves as the show progresses.

According to sources, the show on YouTube is on a pause for some moment. However, in case anybody has not gone through the episodes till now, would certainly love it.

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James Avery Died After Complications of Heart Surgery

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Veteran actor, James Avery, reputed for adoring a role in Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, died of certain complications after undergoing open-heart surgery. Sources confirmed the validity of the report to a popular Hollywood news media. The New Year certainly started with a bad note for the world of acting with this shocking report.

James Avery received many accolades for his outstanding performance as the uncle of Will Smith, Philip Banks. A representative of the veteran actor mentioned that the star has a 26-yr old wife, Barbara Avery; mother, Florence Avery. He also has a stepson, Kevin Waters.

james averyAvery’s on-screen son from Bel-Air, also confirmed the report over a popular social networking channel. He mentioned that the personality was indeed a father-figure even in real life for him.

James Avery received immense credential for a number of performances throughout his life. Among credential roles in his lifetime, the star bagged accolades for credible appearances on many TV series like Soul Food, The Closer, L.A. Law, That’70s Show, Amen and many more. The veteran also lent his ever-appealing voice to a number of animation series like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He also laid his voice for War Machine in the cartoon series of Iron Man.

The representative of the veteran star also mentioned that the final project of Avery was ‘Wish I Was Here’, under the direction of Zach Braff. The film is going to open at Sundance.

Various quarters of the industry are arranging a memorial service to show their respect and offer tribute to the veteran actor.

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Miley Cyrus Mesmerized Guests at Times Square

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She came, tweaked and conquered the guests attending the New Year bash at Times Square, on Tuesday night. The star performer, Miley Cyrus proved herself on-stage once again at the closing event of 2013. However, the controversy kid did not sport any such mischief on the New Year event and simply charmed the audience with her eclectic voice.

The star’s performance during the rocking eve of New Year started just 20 minutes before the clock struck midnight. Although her vocals sounded little pitchy; yet, excited fans were able to get a glimpse of her grind over a back-up dancer. The pop sensation rocked the party with infamous beats from ‘Get it Right’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’.

The song ‘Wrecking Ball’ set the electrifying mood of New Year bash with jubilant fans adding their vocals to one of the great hits of 2013.

However, the event marked another sensation of 2013 where the controversy queen appeared and left without exposing her body on the stage. The 21-year old hosted Ryan Seacrest and even exclaimed that her fur coat and golden outfit marked the event with most clothes over her at any event in 2013.

Experts also blame the weather of Northeast for the pleasant surprise appearance of the singer in her earlier twenties. In every manner, Miley was able to sport her name on the celebrity news section even at the departing event of 2013. It is only time to reveal the upcoming intentions and further bizarre acts from the star this New Year.

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MTV Cancels Airing of Teen Mom 3

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MTV has recently cancelled the much hyped and expected series of Teen Mom 3, certainly a sad news for viewers who were expecting a raunchy season of the series. Reports of the decision came in just after the channel featured only two sections of the series.

However, with the impending success of the only season aired on the popular channel, the franchise has been able to become a common name in majority households across the region. Teen Mom 3 was premiered at an early quarter of this year, featuring baby daddies, the children and the moms – Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella and Briana DeJesus.

According to Katie Yeager, “I’m truly thankful for this wonderful experience. I and Molly have decided to move on and resume our normal life. I thank everyone for their support and love.”

The network, Starcasm, seems to be upset with latest ratings of the program that turned out to be extremely low. In addition to this, inside sources also reported of innumerable complaints by a section of cast members regarding the manner in which they were portrayed throughout the series.

The initial season of the series ended up with the participants struggling with various types of relationship issues; while trying to maintain balance between motherhood and school. in addition, the social networking platform, Twitter has certainly become a favorable gossip blog for people seeking resolution way beyond the climax of first season.

On the other hand, the channel is planning to air Teen Mom 2 fifth season of the franchise sequel, around January 20 of coming the new year.

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Blake Lively Leaves CAA

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If reports from The Hollywood Reporter are to be believed, CAA is now bereft of Blake Lively. According to various sources, the star is no longer associated with CAA. In 2007, the actor stepped to CAA after Gersh repped her.

Blake Lively Leaves CAA

However, sources are also buzzing that Blake would likely to take various meeting on her run to search another agency for her. Sources are also revealing that Jackoway Tyerman and Management 360 continue to repp her. WME is presently representing Rayan Reynolds, husband of Blake Lively.

The star actor is acknowledged for adoring an infamous role in Gossip Girl, a cult hit under CW. Blake played the role of Serena van der Woodsen in the series for long six seasons, since 2007. Later, she even made a number of in-roads to popular movies that returned with innumerable rave reviews. She was even applauded for her stunning role in The Town, where she starred opposite to Rebecca Hall, Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner.

Among other notable appearances of Lively, Green Lantern and Savages contributed to her fame. Blake Lively shared a role opposite to Reynolds in Green Lantern. She was also casted in Savages, a venture by director Oliver Stone that also starred Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Blake Lively has a number of upcoming movies under her belt with Adaline currently under preproduction. The drama under Lakeshore/Sydney Kimmel Entertainment is presently eying for 2014 spring shoot.

The star started her career since she was 11 years old, when she appeared in a number of films.

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Evangeline Lily and Peter Jackson Acted Differently on the Set of “The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug”

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Evangeline Lily has given birth to her first child recently still she couldn’t say no to play the role of Tauriel in Peter Jackson’s next film, “The Hobbit-The desolation of Smaug”. She mentioned that it is always a fun for her to work with Peter who is too simple to be a director. She takes her as a quirky man who has the ability to give a tight press even in bear feet that means his excellence is unique.

She also mentioned during an interview that it this simple nature of Peter that let her enjoying some funny incidents on the set. Whenever Peter takes food he spread some bits over his shirt and she used to scold him like a little child.

When she was asked about her experience to portray a character like Tauriel she said that it was not so easy. Here she has to play the role of a gifted Elf named Tauriel and for that she needs more and more training. However, she believes that the way Peter is helping her to learn things she can grab everything quite easily. Well, this much training was not enough to learn using really arrows as she and her co-actor Orlando Bloom did in other films.

When she was asked why they have decided not to use real arrows she answered that Elves like Tauriel and Legolas are much better archers and it is not easy to adopt their skill in such short span. If they use actual arrows they will do unjust to these characters.

Learning speaking Elvish (language used by the Elves) was also a great challenge for her and she tried her best to do this. She actually not wanted to be criticized due to delivering poor accents and thus have practiced day and night to expertise in Elvish.

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Out of the Furnace is Not as Grand as it was Supposed to be

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From last a few decades, Hollywood filmmakers selected some practical issues to make films, issues that were disturbing the social, economical and cultural life of America. Scott Cooper also tried his hand to make a film on such a burning issue but the film was not that grand as it was expected to be. Critics are of the opinion that Scott failed choosing proper characters for his film and this is one of the reasons for the film to meet failure.

All the other factors were screened properly as the director has beautifully presented the small town of Pennsylvania and its lifestyle. He also has represented the things, which middle class personalities like Russell and Rodnay should use, but the characters were not able to portray what the director actually wanted to show. They were not looking like a depressed soldier (Rodnay, who has joined the army during the fight with Iraq) and a middle class worker (Russell, who used to work in a steel mill that is closed recently).

They were to depict the fact that America is no more a city of opportunities but they couldn’t represent it properly. Degroat’s is perhaps the worst character in the film that was supposed to play the role of a hard core criminal but who actually represented a bad guy.

The verdict is that Scott Cooper has many things like the sufferings of a middle class worker like Russell, the worsening condition of the state, in his mind to screen through the film but he didn’t know what should be the right way to articulate those facts.

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Cast Attends Screening of American Hustle

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The premier screening of upcoming Hollywood flick, American Hustle, saw a gathering of almost the entire lead cast. The Moto X and Pandora Jewelry screening at a cinema in West Hollywood last Saturday turned out to be the perfect promotional spot.

Handsome Bradley Cooper (in dark pants and black jacket) posed with co-star Amy Adams, who looked stunning in her sleeveless dress. Gwen Stefani attended the screening in a gray loosened top to cover the baby bump, but appeared to be gorgeous as before. She was accompanied by her husband, Gavin Rossdale.

The movie features Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper. The first glimpse of the posters released attributes the cast decked in an attire of the 70s; where the men adores large lapelled suits, while women looked stunning in plunging nightclub gowns.

The plot of the movie, written by Eric and Russell Singer, is based on a disco era. The story revolves around Irving Rosenfeld, a con man played by Bale. Irving, as a part of corruption investigation bureau, gets caught in a dilemma after he takes up a challenge with few shady folks the crime syndicate of New Jersey. Cooper plays the role of Richie DiMaso, an FBI agent. Adams, in the role of Sydney Prosse, the confidante and lover of Rosenfield, is sure to make a mark on the audience with a stunning silver-sequin gown.

The Hollywood flick, written by David O. Russell is going to hit the theaters on December 18.

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Sci-fi Show Almost Human Struggling to Retain Audience Base

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The new sci-fi show, Almost Human, by FOX fared well in the first night with 3.1 rating, having football lead to woo audience. However, the rating came down to 2.3 on Monday itself. It would be too early to state whether Michael Ealy and Karl Urban would be able to stay on the course or the present show would suffer a fate similar to Firefly.

The initial stage seemed perfect with charming chemistry of Ealy and Urban. However, the introduction of sexbots in the second episode is uncalled for. The plot to involve human groups with future robots to fight and solve crimes is certainly effective to attract audience.

There are a number of influences in the current show ranging from a feeling of Blade Runner to The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov. The show has an appeal by retaining Karl Urban, better renowned to feature in science fiction series; while Ealy has enough charisma. Both the actors are also getting the favor from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and not competing against it.

However, the end of second episode looks like an absurd plot to find out the location of activating the first sexbot. Rather than accessing the information on spot, the sexbot was captivated in a holding room for nothing.

Nothing can certainly be said in such a novice stage of the series. People’s reaction can be seen after a few days. Now it is just the time to wait and see whether the sci-fi is able to retain its audience base, or meets an early death.

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