Chris Brown would no longer give interviews

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Don’t expect to see singer Chris Brown doing interviews anytime soon. It is being reported that the singer’s management team has banned him from interviews particularly those that ask questions about his former girlfriend singer Rihanna.

This ban is as a result of how Chris reacted back in 2011 when he was asked about Rihanna during an interview on “Good Morning America”. As most would remember Chris had appeared on the show to promote his CD entitled “F.A.M.E.” and instead was bombarded with questions about  his 2009 assault on Rihanna.

After that interview, Chris allegedly lost his temper and smashed a window at the TV studio. His manager Tina Davis told reports that banning Chris from doing interviews is a strategy to get him to “concentrate on performing and recording.” He also added that Chris was “signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life. We look at it as starting all over. Our grind, our choices are different than they probably would have been three years ago. But we are humbly trying to get back into the swing of things.”
Chris is gearing up to release his fifth album called “Fortune.”

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