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Jim Parsons publicly announces his sexual preference


According to the latest report by The New York Times, Jim Parsons, the actor who plays the role of the super geek Sheldon Cooper in the hit movie The Big Bang Theory, has publicly accepted that he is gay and is in a relationship since 10 years. This has to be a true story as this is the first time Jim Parsons has decided to go public about his sexual orientation and that too in front of reporters of The New York Times.

In 2010, The National Enquirer Story openly discussed Jim Parsons’ relationship with partner Todd Spiewak, but this is the first time the actor confirmed the news. This piece of information has been hidden in the actor’s career graph and his return to the theatre world with Harvey. “Mr. Jim Parsons is gay” the story line claimed indirectly.

jim parsonsOn the stage in 2010, while giving the speech of acceptance for his nomination for the Emmys, Jim Parsons had said for the first time that he loved Todd. He included the name among a list of others like his mother and many other people of both sexes. It was not exactly said in a fashion that could make headlines or to Wikipedia.

However, people can now stop guessing and speculating about the actor‘s gender preferences. This is not going to have a diverse effect on Jim Parsons career at this point of time as well as he is settled in the field. His confessions of “I am gay” will not come in the way of success as far as he is concerned.

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