Posted on January 11, 2012 - 8:26 pm by Asha

Katy Perry launches fake eyelashes collection



Singer Katy Perry is reportedly signed up to design her own line of fake eyelashes. According to reports, Katy has partnered with Eyelure to help create her collection of eyelashes which is being described as funky and eyelashes that will offer different options.

What inspired Katy to want to produce this product? Reports indicate that  Katy is in fact a “false lash lover herself” and she made it  “very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and was involved in every step of the design process.”

The company broke their silence on the product via a tweet which read “BIG NEWS! @katyperry has designed an exclusive new lash range with @EylureUSA!!!! Lashes will be available in Feb. 2012 at @ULTA_Beauty.”



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