Tyra Banks fell in love again

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It is always uncertain when and how love will enter into someone’s life. For example life of Tyra Banks can be taken. Now, she is in love. The rumors about her new relation are buzzing in the town a lot. Fans are getting excited to know the truth.

Tyra Banks

As per report she is having an affair with one of the most promising judges of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Their love is blossoming wonderfully time to time and this news has come into light a few days ago.

She has been dating with Robert Evans who is a model and now the judge of the said show. They are having their relation for months. Recently, they were seen together at a club and they also left to club together. Recently, they have been seen together in many more occasions.

One thing is quite evident from her new relation that she is getting attracted with the younger people than him. Evans is 14 years younger to her. This is not only the first case for her where she is having an affair with a younger person. She has done it previously also.

Before this affair she was linked with Drake who was also junior to her. However, it is true that love does not depend on age. It is the matter of heart only. For Banks, she is feeling attraction for younger people.

Now, the million dollar question is that how long their relation will stay. They are having very nice time together now.

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