Lindsay Lohan Attacked in her Hotel Room

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Singer-actor Lindsay Lohan was attacked at a New York City hotel by Christian LaBella, an ex- worker of the congressman for the Republican. According to reports, Labella was taking pictures of Lindsay on his mobile phone at a nightclub, to which Lindsay objected. The matter blew over an extent when LaBela and Lohan got engaged in a tussle. According to police sources, the alleged assailant even tried to choke Miss.Lohan. A law enforcement official, who spoke to the reporters of Associated Press on condition of anonymity, confirmed the report.

NYPD took the alleged assailant into custody but released him afterwards, since no substantial evidence was found that would have led him to trial. Even the six-hour grilling of Miss. Lohan did not yield sufficient information against LaBella. On the other hand, LaBella maintained that he did not click any picture of Lindsay.

The assailant has a previous record of getting into brawls with the high-profile celebrities and was also charged with two counts of assault including that of harassment. He is also reported to have close ties with many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her mother also. At least his Facebook profile suggests so.

Lindsay Lohan was also arrested in the city last month, when she was accused of rash driving and barely missing a man who was walking in front of her car. Miss. Lohan is due to appear on court at October 23.

Incidentally when the tussle between the two erupted, the fire alarm was sounded, but the hotel employees told the visitors not to panic as the situation was under control.

Rihanna is providing all the necessary support to Chris Brown

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Often the celebrities behave in a way which their fans do not understand. Rihanna is just doing the same thing. She has recently made friendship with Chris Brown again, surprising all her fans.

Actually Rihanna and Chris Brown were involved in violence in their house and as a result of it their relationship was broken. However, now Rihanna is going to build the relationship again and nothing can stop her doing so.

Brown was recently tested by the doctors whether he is addicted to drugs or not. It has been found that he is addicted to marijuana. Fortunately he was not punished because he did not have any necessity to test about his addiction for drugs.

rihannaHowever, when all these things were happening, Rihanna assured one thing that she is going to stand behind Brown and give him all necessary support.

Rihanna has recently posted in twitter that she wants to support Chris Brown. She has said, “I wish that you get out of all your troubles. I am with you. God bless you.”

Not only she is writing good words for Brown, but this couple was recently seen in the MTV VMAs where they were hugging and kissing each other which is proving the fact that they are back in their relationship again and it is improving day by day is well.

The thing which has surprised all is that why Rihanna is going to reconstruct this relation again after so much problem and violence took place between them. Rihanna has not given any explanation for this till now.

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Kayne West faces an image crisis due to the sex tape scandal!

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With the advent of the new millennium the celebrities have learned to live with the crisis and scandals really well. Recently a sex ape scandal of Kanye West landed on the internet. Kim Kardashian his girlfriend however knows how to deal with the situation as she is quite accustomed to this sort of a crisis.

kanye westKim has previously been involved in a sex record scandal and perhaps this experience will help her be supportive towards her boyfriend Kanye West, since she has experienced that sort of a crisis herself. But it has been reported West has two sex tapes as if one wasn’t enough!

The media is already busy creating more of hype yet no comments have been attained from Kanye West himself about the authenticity of such a scandal or spoken in order to defend his image. In the tape Kanye is being seen with his ex-girlfriend. However his attorney is trying to ensure that the tape is not revealed to the public.

A part of the letter sent by the attorney to the All Hip Hop who are in possession of the videos and the screen shots says, “The stolen videos are violating the personal and privacy rights of Kanye West!” But the scanned pictures of desist letter have been published too!

But the most intriguing thing is that in the sex tape, the woman being seen by Kanye West is either Kim herself or her look alike! Many of the media representatives think that the woman might be Mony Monn who is known for her striking similarity with Kim Kardashian!

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Julianne Hough expressed her boy friend’s romantic image

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The relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough is continuing for last two years and this long association has made their bonding really strong. As their relationship has grown, they have discovered more love and respect among them.

Hough recently has talked about the romantic side of her boyfriend and she has admitted the fact that this romantic attitude has really helped their relationship to grow quickly and now they share a very good bonding.

Julianne HoughHough has also depicted the fact that her boyfriend is very sweet and he also cares every little thing related to Hough and that has made Ryan extremely special to Hough.

Recently she said, “Recently I picked an outfit for giving a pose in a magazine. Actually I chose it randomly. However, I liked that outfit. The most surprising thing happened after some days. He gifted me that dress. I was surprised and was very happy to receive that wonderful gift from him. He is extremely sweet. He always takes care of me and my shuttle wishes.”

Hough has felt that Seacrest is extremely romantic all the time and she has spent wonderful times with him in her two year relationship.

Actually, Ryan gifted this dress on a special occasion of Julianne Hough. It was her birthday. It proves that he knows the best about what to gift on which occasion. Hough was in a jovial mood on her birthday. Ryan actually doubled the happiness of Julianne Hough by gifting her that wonderful dress.

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Demi Lovato has revealed about her bulky figure in her childhood

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Demi Lovato is no doubt one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, and there are numerous fans of her who are completely amazed with the wonderful slim figure which she has carried throughout her film career. However, she has revealed something recently which will make them surprised.

Recently Lovato has revealed an extremely interesting fact of her childhood. She was speaking with Katie Couric about her childhood memories and she told that she was very fat in her childhood. She has told, “I was extremely bulky at my childhood. I can remember about my body when I was only three years old and I used to wear diapers. I was a lot more bulky at that time.”

demi-lovatoNot only at the time of childhood, when she was in school Lovato was on the bulky side. She had never thought at that time that she will be so slim in the future. She has said, “In my school I was also quite fat. At that time I have always hoped that I will be slim one day but I think it was quite tough. I had to face a lot of issues because of my bulky figure in high school.”

This is something special from Lovato. Generally, the celebrities, especially the heroines have not told about their figure before becoming the celebrity. However, Lovato has done something different and that has made her fans extremely happy. Her true admission has made her fans happy as they think that Lovato has been open to her fans.

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Zooey Deschanel faced a wardrobe malfunction in Emmy

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There are some moments which the celebrities want to avoid all the time in their life but unfortunately that moment comes and makes them feel embarrassed by it. Zooey Deschanel faced such a moment recently and the moment was caused by the wardrobe malfunction.

She was going to present the Emmy related to some writings in a comedy series. Numerous fans of her will be extremely interested to know what exactly happened with her. When she was going to arrive on the stage with Jim Parsons, she discovered that a part of her bra was displaying.

She said, “First I felt less embarrassed. Then I talk to my publicist. I had to cut the revealing part of the bra to make it perfect. However, fortunately I could get relief from the situation.”

Zooey DeschanelHowever, one thing is very important to say here which make Zooey’s numerous fans would feel proud of her. Many a women especially celebrity would have felt the moment very embarrassing and would have left the show. However, she did not leave the Emmy, rather handled the situation with a super cool brain.

She said, “I was not very frightened with the situation rather I was enjoying it as it was a funny moment. For me, life should be full of fun. I don’t want to miss any moment of fun.”

She also revealed the fact that; she had to cut the bra because she did not want to show it. She said, “I don’t want to wear this kind of cloth. I am not comfortable with it.”

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Valentino Garavani all set to design the bride dress of Anne Hathaway

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There are a lot of things to decide when a lady goes to marry. And if she is a celebrity like Anne Hathaway, all the decisions become news.

Anne Hathaway has decided to marry Adam Shulman and the news of their marriage is already announced.

A lot of her fans were keen to know what their favorite star is going to wear on such a big occasion of her life. Finally, they are going to get the answer.

anne hathwayThe designer who is going to make the wedding clothes for Hathaway is Valentino Garavani, one of the most reputed designers at the moment. According to her Hathaway has already decided what she will wear on the wedding night.

She has said, “Hathaway is one of my very close friends. You can say she is like my daughter. I am really happy that she has decided to marry. I shall be very happy to design her wedding dress which she has already decided.”

This comment from the designer has created a lot of rumors about the dress what Hathaway has chosen.

However, Hathaway lastly told in the month of July that she has not yet decided the wedding dress. She said, “It is right that I am going to marry. However, as per the wedding dress is concerned I have not decided it yet. I will decide it later in future.”

After the comment from her designer, nothing has been revealed by Anne Hathaway till the moment. The fans are eagerly waiting for her comment on this matter.

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Selena Gomez referring books about how to maintain a marriage life for a long time

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Has Selena Gomez decided to marry the famous singer Justin Bieber within some months? Well, the rumors are starting to buzz around and it is because of the new book she has chosen to read. The name of the book is ‘The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts’.

The rumors can happen about her upcoming marriage because the book is for giving idea about how to maintain the marriage life better so that it can stay long. The first chapter of the book contains the subject about love after marriage.

selena gomezBieber and Gomez are in love with each other for some months. There are various rumors about their relation. However, Gomez’s choice of book has surely enhanced the chance of the new rumor about their marriage.

Justin Bieber has already stated the fact that he wants to marry while he is young. He wants to start the family at his young age. However, if they marry now it will be before his fans have even expected it to happen.

Gomez has not said anything about this directly. However, the way she is choosing the books, it is showing that a plan of marriage has somehow come on his head.

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Will the famous singer and actress Selena Gomez marry Justin Bieber within some months; can only be known in future? However, there is no doubt about the fact that there is some kind of planning is going on. Fans are waiting to know something directly from their mouth.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are expected to reunite again

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The rumors were going on that they have got back to their relationship. Now, it seems it was not at all a rumor; Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are regaining their relationship realizing their own faults.

Well, for the last few months the rumor is that these two are coming closer to each other again. However, they were not informing anything in public and that is why nothing was clear about their relation.

Robert-Pattinson-Kristen-StewartRecently Stewart has expressed everything about their relationship and her faults in public. She was sorry to say that it was a sudden mistake from her and she got a bigger punishment. She also expressed that now she feels extremely unhappy with what has happened with them.

On the other hand Pattinson was keen to get back Stewart in his life again. He was also very disturbed with the recent distance, came in their relation.

However, it was expected by all of their fans that these two will be reunited again. According to most of their fans they are made for each other. As per the opinion from a lot of fans they shared a wonderful off screen chemistry and they can’t live without each other.

The happy news is that both of them are now trying hard to get back to each other. They are now extremely serious to improve their relationship further. They have learnt important lessons from their past mistakes and they don’t want to commit that again. The misunderstandings among them have come to an end.

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Blake Lively is spotted with her diamond wedding ring

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It is difficult to predict about the celebrities, especially if the news is about marriage. There was a rumor going on that Blake Lively is going to marry with Ryan Reynolds. Now they have ensured this fact as recently Blake has shown her wedding ring when she was kissing her husband Reynolds and they were spotted at that time.

They married yesterday at South Carolina but the report did not come at light clearly.  Actually, both of them are quite reserved about their relation and the proceedings further. Today they were hugging each other for doing a lip lock when both of them were spotted and photographs were taken.

Blake Lively

From these photographs the wonderful wedding ring and the beautiful wedding band can be seen. The wedding ring is big in size and it is a diamond ring. The ring was looking wonderful on the finger of Blake.

As per the most of the fans of Blake, the wedding ring was just the perfect one for Blake.

These two were dating from last 1 year. However, they did not reveal anything in public about their affair. In fact, the marriage was also not revealed. However, their fans are happy now to see the photographs which are proving their marriage. Fans can only hope that these two can get a very happy and prosperous married life in future.

Blake is now in New York for some months. She was seen earlier in the show Gossip Girl. She was looking extremely beautiful in the show.

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